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A Swiss production company founded in 2016 with the aim of producing television, radio and web programmes that make a significant contribution to society. Through extensive surveys and journalists passionate about the scientific and practical dimensions of the topics covered, we pay particular attention to the content. We work in French, German and English with teams of experts and for many large and demanding broadcasters in Switzerland and Europe. Our know-how ranges from design to broadcast broadcasting, including financing, production and adaptation.

The concepts we are currently developing

à contresens - Large format event documentary

aujourd'hui - heute und hier - oggi - Successful programmes on ecology

second screen application "Prove it" - A world innovation against Fake News


sustainable news site - educational workshops - public service added value

instant T - maman t'as rien pigé -aujourd'hui c'est de la dynamite - Short and inspiring formats

Our vision

With formats designed to appeal to a wide audience and designed in accordance with the times, we are convinced of the virtuous effects of the mass media. Whether it is sustainable development, risk culture or environmental education, we have experienced quantitative or qualitative successes that motivate us to develop new formats over and over again in partnership with a growing number of major broadcasters.

Spread concepts

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New media



Let us stop explaining, promising, teaching, correcting. We have to tell the story. Television is not dead, radio is not buried. Married to the web, it allows stories to spread even faster and deeper than ever before.
Jonas Schneiter
Co-Director, Producer
Our world is full of images, some of which have helped to bring it to a dead end. With new images, we open new paths, motivate new movements and inspire new energies.
Marc Muller
Co-Director, Producer